Our Commitment to Safety

CableCom LLC has strictly adhered to a written safety program since its inception. It is the company's philosophy to take a proactive role in employee and public safety. Using proven Risk Management Techniques, our program sets us apart from the competition. Our focus on safety permeates throughout the entire organization, positively affecting production, quality, and employee moral throughout the scope of all projects. CableCom LLC has a company wide, top to bottom, drug and alcohol testing and education program that is vital to our safety program. Pre-employment testing is one of the elements responsible for the continued success of the program. The following are only some of the key elements responsible for CableCom LLC's successful safety and loss prevention program.

  • A thorough safety manual, developed from various sources, including the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.
  • National Safety Council and Wisconsin Safety Council member.
  • Our Fleet Safety Policy applies to all CableCom LLC employees' driving activities and receives the fullest attention and cooperation of all employees.
  • An Accident Prevention program designed to control the conditions, practices, and human actions that are responsible for accidents.
  • A Safety Committee consisting of CableCom, LLC field employees and members of the leadership team which are responsible for accident review and for implementing new safety strategies.
  • Outstanding management and supervisory understanding of safe working conditions and the capability of their employees.
  • Knowledgeable employees who constantly apply their safety training every day, in every aspect of their work environment.
  • Our employees are our most valuable assets. It is our policy that every person is entitled to a safe and healthy place in which to work.