Our Experience

University - WI: Installation of 50,000 ft of single mode fiber optic cable (120-fiber to 18-fiber counts) between 3 super-nodes and 24 node buildings. Cable tray and 4" EMT installation in the Computer Sciences building. All fibers were terminated via fusion splicing and tested to exceed the requirements set-forth by the State of Wisconsin. (12 months: 4,900 man-hours)

Technical College - WI: Completed a large Category 5e data and fiber cabling project. Since then we have performed moves, adds, changes to their complete cabling infrastructure. (900 man-hours)

University - WI: Completed a large cabling installation in dorm rooms (800+ voice & data cables). We have completed multiple fiber, data, phone, TV and Camera installation over the years throughout their local campus, along with cabling projects at their offsite locations. (2,000+ man-hours)

City - WI: Completed category 5e voice and data installations in multiple City Buildings (includes Safety, Annex, City Hall, Parks Building, Library, Fire Stations, etc) (1000+ cables). Continued to maintain infrastructure via moves, adds, changes, etc. (2,500+ man-hours to date)

Jail WI: Completed a camera installation (30+ cameras and 30+ monitors) within this county criminal justice facility. Installation of 18/2, 24/2 and RG59 cables along with 1500+ feet of 3/4" conduit. (700 man-hours)

Public Schools: Cat5e data, 6 strand MM fiber installations. (1,400+ man-hours total)