Outside Plant Construction

Services & Solutions

By delivering reliable, cost-effective fiber solutions to the leading Broadband and Telecommunications Service Providers, CableCom LLC is enabling the continued growth in fiber optic capacity necessary to supply customers with the most advanced voice, data, and video applications. Whether connecting city to city or providing the local communications loops within metropolitan areas, CableCom LLC is experienced at supporting a variety of customers, including:

  • Government
  • Regional Bell Operating Companies
  • Rural Utilities Services
  • Private Enterprise
  • Fiber to the home

Our end-to-end capabilities include everything from the initial design and engineering to all aspects of construction of a fiber optic network. Tied together with comprehensive project management, this CableCom LLC solution includes the following:

  • Route development
  • Right-of-way acquisition
  • Materials procurement
  • Inventory staging
  • Scheduling of equipment, materials, and personnel
  • Cable locating
  • Trench construction or directional boring
  • Installation of fiber optics
  • Splicing and testing of fiber optic network
  • Network deployment

CableCom LLC is experienced in the following construction techniques used during construction:

  • Rail plowing
  • Horizontal directional boring
  • Rock saw, rock wheel and rock trenching
  • Trenching and plowing applications including joint trenching
  • Vacuum Excavation
  • Excessive underground utilities

Our project managers understand the complexity of scheduling networking projects. Using the latest software tools, CableCom LLC tracks all the elements of a project on a real time basis to ensure that we deliver quality and timely installation regardless of project conditions.


CableCom understands how critical timely completion and reliability are in your build-out. CableCom LLC understands the complexities of burying fiber-optic cable in both Long Haul and confined metropolitan situations. We have the latest technology to meet challenges whether they are hostile natural terrain, unfavorable weather conditions, or remote locations. CableCom LLC is experienced in the following construction techniques used during fiber construction:

  • Fiber mapping and design with detailed documentation
  • Matrix Verification
  • Splice guides in an easy-to-use format
  • Fiber optic coupler configuration
  • Fiber loss budget
  • Fiber cable order form
  • Fiber schematics (stick diagrams)
  • Fiber management solutions
  • Fiber as-built documentation
  • Emergency fiber restoration
  • Quality compliance audits
  • Fiber optic transmitter and receiver configuration

CableCom LLC brings years of industry experience providing services from mapping and engineering to inspection and construction. We use the latest technology in all facets of our operation from our in-house design software to our multifaceted new trucks and specialized FOC test equipment. The importance of accurate fiber plant records is paramount, especially when you want to expand, repair, rebuild or lease to other customers. Knowing how your fiber is spliced and how many dark fibers you own are key parts of comprehensive documentation. We provide documentation in hard copy and electronically in a variety of software platforms.